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New World Beginnings
Influences On European Exploration
The Portuguese
The Spanish
The English
The French
Spain's New World Empire
The Plymouth, Massachusetts Colony
New England Colonies
The Middle Colonies
The Southern Colonies
Becoming Americans
French and Indian War
The American Revolution Begins
Declaring Independence
American Revolution Northern Battles
American Revolution Southern Battles
The Articles of Confederation
The Confederation Era
The Constitutional Convention
The Constitution
Forming the New Government
Young America's International Relations
Political Parties Begin
The Presidency of John Adams
The Age of Jefferson Begins
The Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson's International Challenges
The War Hawks
The War of 1812
America's Industrial Revolution Begins
Moving West
The Era of Good Feelings
The Monroe Doctrine
The Common Man
The Age of Jackson Begins
Andrew Jackson's National Challenges
The Age of Jackson Ends
The Oregon Country
The Texas Revolution
The Mexican-American War
The California Gold Rush
The Compromise of 1850
Bleeding Kansas
The Republican Party Begins
The American Civil War Begins
The American Civil War's Eastern Theater Part 1
The American Civil War's Eastern Theater Part 2
The American Civil War's Western Theater Part 1
The American Civil War's Western Theater Part 2
The American Civil War Behind the Battlelines
The American Civil War The Last Campaigns
Restoring the Union
The Presidency of Andrew Johnson
Reconstruction Ends
Charles Lindbergh
John F. Kennedy